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Public Pressure

Eminem is being played on the radio while I'm reading the lyrics to his song on the computer. Personally, I think he's right about the fact that people have a tendency to blame their problems on other people or other things. The school shootings? Partly blamed on Marilyn Manson. What about the parents? Where were they? It's almost like we need icons who do bad things so we can say, "Oh, I was influenced by fill in the blank". Like, "I became a stripper after seeing Britney pole dancing at one of her shows" or "I beat the crap out of that annoying neighbor using the techniques the Rock used on WWF". It kind of fits in with the "guns don't kill people...." Celebrities are who they are and do what they do. ANYONE can influence anyone else. So maybe they're in the public eye a lot more. I think they should get a little credit for having to deal with that in the first place, instead of being blamed for someone else's actions.

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