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More Camping Stories and Jeff Musings

I didn't finish writing about my camping trip. We went hiking during the day and saw some really beautiful things, like opening flowers and baby animals(all of which we admired from afar, since none of us wanted to meet any cranky parents). And on one of them, yes, the food incident. Fortunately, we didn't starve so I guess it's just one of thosr things we'll laugh about next week. We were in two tents, and in the middle of the first night, Michael got up to use the bathroom, and then came into our tent, where Shari, Derek and I were. He was really tired, so he just snuggled in between Shari and me and fell asleep without even noticing that he was in the wrong tent. We didn't even notice until a few hours later, when Shari rolled over and accidentally smacked him in the head. It was one funny sight, the four of us suddenly awake and getting more and more tangled up in sleeping bags, pillows and blankets. The rest of the trip, we just carried everything in big piles instead of neatly putting everything away. It was a lot of fun, though, and it just reminded me more how much I'll miss seeing Shari and Will every day(even though Will can't cook to save his life, and yet, he still tries).

I'm completely over Jeff too. I figured that out on the trip too, on one of the hikes. I don't know how I feel about Marc, though. I don't want to jump into a relationship so quickly, and I don't want to create problems that will just come back again in the future.

I love these layouts! Thanks, Jen!

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Bravo! I'm glad that you're over your past relationship, because sonetimes, it's really not that easy to do. And I hope things between Marc and you turn out the way you want them to ^^