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Summer Plans and Some Thoughts About the Past

It's a pretty long, boring summer, according to Pamela. I think she's somehow referring to the (sort of) recent drama between Jeff and I. I think she feels in the middle because she's probably the closest person to both of us. Even though she's been friends with Jeff a lot longer than with me, she and I are very close friends and can relate to each other on many levels. Jeff hasn't really been around much, though, which bothers her too. We have a lot of mutual friends and he's been avoiding a lot of them, probably thinking they're all angry at him. I think some of them are, but they're his friends too. I wish we could have ended the relationship without having to end any other friendships, but I guess that's not going to happen. I hope he makes good friends when he goes away to Southern California. I also hope Heather makes him happy and doesn't hurt him intentionally.

I'm going camping for the next couple of days with Ali, Shari, Will, Michael, Tracy and Derek. Kind of a last trip among us since Shari and Will are probably going to be too busy to do anything soon. Shari is going to stay in the area and is going to go to UC Davis for veterinary school. Will is going to Texas in a couple of weeks to visit some of his friends, then he's going to settle in Chicago for a while, just because he thinks it's a cool place. I've never been there, but I've heard it has a lot of cultural 1920 era stuff.

See you all around Wednesday or so! Yosemite, here we come! :-)

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