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An Update, Sorry....

Eeek. I haven't updated for a while. On the 25th, Marc and I went out for dancing. (I've got it in my blood or something, I tell you....) We took a moonlit walk and ended up at this tiny playground. We played on the seesaw and swing set, which we were much too big for, but that was half the fun. We went swimming in his pool and lay on our backs, watching the stars and the water ripples reflecting off of the trees. And....we kissed in the least 20 times. We were just so happy to be with each other and all our affection for one another came out that night.

*sigh* I feel like a girl with a giggly crush. I love the feeling :-)

Jen and I went rafting yesterday. Nice to be out in the cool water when it's 95 degrees out.

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